Myanmar Company Registration for For-Profit Organization

Based on the new Myanmar Companies Law that become effective 1st August 2018 the followings are the  2 most common form of legal entity use by foreign investors to setup a legal entity in Myanmar:

  1. Private Company whose liability is limited by share.
    • This form is ideal for Commercial For-Profit organization.
    • For foreign companies that need to get an import licence or get business permit from the various Myanmar ministries that are issued only to Myanmar citizen – they need to incorporate a JV company whose shareholding ratio is 65%/35% (Myanmar citizen/Foreigner). A 65%/35% JV company of this nature is considered to be a “local” Myanmar company under the new Myanmar Company Law.
  2. Overseas Corporation.
    • This is basically a Myanmar Branch of a company that has been Incorporated outside Myanmar. Take note that an overseas corporation is not a limited liability entity.

There is no  minimum capital requirement.

What is the minimum to start a limited liability private company in Myanmar:

  • Shareholder – minimum of 1 shareholder, can be a foreigner. If you want your foreign JV to be treated as a local Myanmar company and is thus able to apply for an import/export licence and all other business licenses from the various ministries that is available only to a Myanmar citizen then you need to have share ownership structure of 65%/35% (Myanmar citizen/Foreigner)
  • Director – minimum of 1 director, must have a least 1 director who is ordinarily resident in Myanmar i.e. spend at least 183 out of 365 days in a fiscal year in Myanmar. The resident director can be a foreigner as long as he/she meets the criteria of ordinarily resident in Myanmar.
  • Minimum Capital – not required.
  • Business Activity– no need to state at registration. However, after incorporation you need to individually apply to the respective ministries for the necessary business license for the industry you are operating in (if any) e.g. micro-finance licence from Ministry of Planning and Finance, inbound or outbound tour license from Ministry of Hotel and Tourism or an employment agent license from the Ministry of Labour.
  • A registered office address in Myanmar

Companies that we have successfully registered under the new company law which started on 1st August 2018 include:

    1. Anzer IT Healthcare Limited – foreign company
    2. Myanmar Insurance Institute Limited – foreign company
    3. ETAG RFID Company Limited – foreign company
    4. Alfa Connections Company Limited – foreign company
    5. Pepper Dreams Private Limited – foreign company
    6. GB Security Services Co., Ltd – local company
    7. GB Security Servies Co., Ltd – local company
    8. Premo International (Myanmar) Ltd – foreign company
    9. The Learning Business Ltd – foreign company
    10. Solutionloof Myanmar Co., Ltd – foreign company
    11. First “local” JV company between a Myanmar citizen and a foreigner using the 65%35% structure*

*We registered our first 65%/35% JV company between a Myanmar women and her Singaporean business partner today (21/8/2018). The company is considered to be a local company that means it can apply for import permit, own land and building, and can apply for any business license that is awarded only to Myanmar citizen. For confidential reason we are not able to disclose the name of the company. This structure is ideal for Myanmar citizen that wants to enter a new area of business but do not have the capital or the technical knowhow for that industry.

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Take note that what you are submitting below is a bare bone draft about the company you are proposing to incorporate. We will still come back to you to discuss about your requirements in more details before sending you a proposal for your approval.

We can incorporate your company in 3 working days once you have given us a copy of the passport (or NRC for Myanmar citizen) for all the shareholders and directors of the proposed company.

Company Incorporation Draft Outline

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Under the Myanmar Company Law 2017 - incorporating any of the above legal entity does not require a minimum capital to be stated at registration. However do take note that an Overseas Corporation (or Branch) is not a limited liability entity. All private companies including Overseas Corporation are taxed at 25% on net profit.
i.e. the country where the parent company is incorporated (outside Myanmar)