Myanmar Company Registration

This section is only for businesses that are in the Service sector or intend to setup a Branch or Rep Office in Myanmar.

If your business activity is not service in nature please go to Promoted Sectors (or click here) as since 1st April 2017 the Myanmar government has made it easier for foreign investors in strategic sectors such as manufacturing (including garment manufacturing), agriculture, fishery, health, education, telecommunications, hotel, tourism, urban and infrastructure development to get  tax exemption and long-term land right use from the Myanmar Investment Commission.


Incorporation of a Service Company or Branch/Rep Office:

For foreign investors that want to setup a foreign-owned Service company or a Branch/Rep Office under the Myanmar Companies Act we provide company registration service at a reasonable price. You will get your temporary business licence within 2 weeks and can start operating legally in Myanmar henceforth.

What is required from you are:

  1. A copy of the passport (foreigner) and national registration card (Myanmar citizen) of the 2 shareholders. Both shareholders can be foreign national.(It is possible for one of the shareholder to be a body corporate i.e. another company and not a natural person OR if you intend to setup a joint venture with a local Myanmar person/company please use the same form but provide more info in the “Any additional information that you would like to provide?” text box at the end of this page)
  2. The ability to meet the minimum capital requirements:
    • US$50,000 for service company
    • US$50,000 for Branch/Rep Office
  3. You need to remit half the capital  (USD25,000) upon incorporation and the other half at the end of the 5th year when your business licence is due for renewal.

Please fill up the Company Registration Draft Outline below.

Take note that what you are submitting below is a bare bone draft about the company you are proposing to incorporate. We will still come back to you to discuss about your requirements in more details before sending you a proposal for your approval. If you have any question please write to info (at) with subject: “Question on Company Incorporation”.

Company Incorporation Draft Outline

Please provide the proposed name of your company
Under the Myanmar Companies Act - incorporating a Service company or Branch/Rep Office require a minimum capital of US$50,000 and for a Manufacturing company the minimum capital is US$150,000. Both Service Company and Branch are taxed at 25% on net profit.

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