General Accounting & Book Keeping Service

We provide the following service for foreign company that are starting up in Myanmar.

  • General Accounting
  • Book Keeping

Hiring a good accountant in Myanmar will set you back at least USD 400 per month and you have to provide her with a work desk, PC, wifi, bonus, social benefits,etc and on top of that there is high turnover of accountants due to incessant job hopping – unless you aggressively increase her salary every year.

Instead if you pay us the monthly salary of USD 400 per month we will do your accounts to IFRS standard, manage the bookkeeping end of the task for you and every month we will send you usable financial report that you can use to manage your business.

At the end of the financial year – for a fee we will also co-ordinate your statutory audit for you and liaise with the income tax department to submit your tax.

It is estimated that you need to spend at least USD 31,000 in your first year setting up operations in Myanmar. Is the risk too high? Are you looking for a lower risk way to enter the Myanmar market? Learn more about how our Market Entry Lite Strategy can help you lower the risk of entering the Myanmar market by clicking here.

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