Myanmar Investment Proposal

The Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) has simplified, shortened and sped-up the way foreign investments (especially in the area of manufacturing or infrastructure building) are approved under the new Myanmar Investment Law and the Myanmar Investment Rule that were passed on 18th Oct 2016 and 30th March 2017 respectively. Minimum investment need to be at least USD 100,000 to be considered.

Investors with MIC approval can enjoy the following rights and protections:

  1. 3 to 7 years tax holiday depending on the region that you are investing in.
  2. Right to use land on a long term basis (up to 70 years on a case by case basis)
  3. Right to employ expatriates
  4. Right to acquire an import or export licence for the product manufactured in Myanmar
  5. Investment guarantee against expropriation
  6. Right to transfer of funds out of the country

Any investment that create jobs for Myanmar people like for example garment manufacturing; or upgrade the infrastructure of Myanmar like building of road, bridge, waste treatment plant or power plant; upgrade soft infrastructure such as the education & health care system; create technology transfer and import substitution are strongly welcome by the MIC.

You can submit your MIC investment proposal under the 2 schemes below:

  1. MIC Endorsement takes about 2 months to complete. If your investment activities can be found in the Prioritized Investment Activities or the Promoted Sectors you can apply under the MIC Endorsement approval scheme. This is the express lane for investment in sectors that the Myanmar government wants to promote.
  2. MIC Permit takes up to 5 months to complete. If your investment activities can be found in the Restricted Activities List, use large tract of land that displace local people &/or affect their livelihood, cross state boundaries or are potentially harmful to the environment then you will have to submit your investment proposal to the full scrutiny of the MIC under the MIC Permit approval scheme. This process is more tedious and expensive.

Do you know that under the Myanmar Investment Rule notification No. 35/2017 (30th March 2017) it is stipulated that every investor must buy the appropriate insurance for their investment in Myanmar. Click here to read more.

What are the investment proposals that have been approved by the MIC?

Click here to see what are the Joint Venture between foreigners and Myanmar citizen and Wholly Owned Foreign Investment that DICA has approved to-date and what their investment activities are. This will give you a good indicator of what investments DICA will approve.

How to submit a MIC Application

If you have question about which MIC scheme your investment proposal should come under please fill up the form below. We understand that what you submit below is just a bare bone skeleton draft – we will come back to you with more questions to guide you through your investment proposal to make it more substantial.