Draft MIC Proposal

The Myanmar Investment Commission has simplified, shortened and sped-up the way foreign investments are approved and how foreign investors can get approval for long term land right use and tax incentive under the new Myanmar Investment Law and the Myanmar Investment Rule that were passed on 18th Oct 2016 and 30th March 2017 respectively.

Any investment that create jobs for like for example garment manufacturing; or upgrade the infrastructure of Myanmar like building of road, bridge, waste treatment plant or power plant; upgrade soft infrastructure such as the education & health care system; create technology transfer and import substitution are strongly welcome by the MIC.

Foreign investors that invest in the Promoted Sectors will get quick approval for their investment.

To see what are the Promoted Sectors that the Myanmar government wants foreign investment to flow into go to List of Promoted Sectors (or click here).

If you are interested to submit a Draft MIC Endorsement or Draft MIC Investment Proposal for our firm to assess and give feedback please fill up the form below.

Please provide the proposed name of your company
You can see the promoted sectors list at https://consult-myanmar.com/promoted-sector-under-the-myanmar-investment-law/
If shareholder is body corporate i.e. a company then please provide country of incorporation as well
Please specify the investment that you will bring into the country during the first 5 years of the operation of the company

Take note that it is a legal requirement that you have the appropriate insurance cover if you are investing under the Myanmar Investment Law – to learn more about getting a quote for insurance in Myanmar click here