Risk Insurance

Are you signing multi-million dollars contract with the Myanmar Electricity Power Enterprise, Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise, the Ministry of Mine, etc?

Do you know that Myanmar is in an earthquake zone? You have monsoon season from May to October that brings heavy torrential rain, flood and landslide; and cyclone season during the May to December that can pack wind, rain and wave that damage major coastal installations? Are you insuring yourself adequately for all these risks?

We know that finding an insurer in Myanmar who understand your need as a foreign investor is difficult.

If you want to get a quote for insurance premium before you commit to that big contract in Myanmar then fill up the form below:

If the equipment is new - please provide the invoice value in US$. If it is a used equipment - please state how old it is and what you think the value is in US$. If it is a building send us the blueprint later on when we request for it,
The above is just for our reference, we will discuss with you and advice you on the most appropriate type of risks that you should insure against based on your type of operation.
Please provide specific information on the address, township and state that the equipment or building is located.

We respond to all forms received during office hours within 2 hours.