Construction on China’s BRI Deep Sea Port to Start Soon in Myanmar’s Rakhine State: Govt

YANGON—The construction of the China-backed Kyaukphyu deep-sea port will begin soon, as preparations on both the Myanmar and China sides are on track, according to the Ministry of Commerce. The project is a crucial part of the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in western Myanmar. The SEZ is expected to boost development in China’s landlocked […]

Diversifying Myanmar’s economy should be a priority for the next government

When Myanmar’s military regime began opening up the country politically and economically in 2010, one motive was to alleviate the country’s overreliance on China. Ten years down the road, in the context of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the threat of new Western sanctions triggered by human rights violations (HRV) against the Muslim […]

Myanmar Pulls Swiss Firm to Scrutinize China’s BRI Project

YANGON—The Myanmar government says it is receiving help from a Swiss company to scrutinize a China-backed study on Beijing’s ambitious railway project to connect Mandalay with Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province in southwestern China. At a press conference in Naypyitaw on Wednesday, Myanma Railways Managing Director U Ba Myint said the Swiss company has […]

New Era, New Start, Map out a New Blueprint for China-Myanmar Economic and Trade Cooperation

China and Myanmar are close neighbors connected by shared mountains and rivers. Our people have lived alongside each other for thousands of years. The Pauk-Phaw friendship between our two peoples can be dated back to ancient times. To mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Myanmar, President of the […]

Singapore Agency to Help Myanmar Find Partners for Key Infrastructure Projects

YANGON—Under an agreement with Myanmar’s Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry (MOPFI), Singapore’s Infrastructure Asia (IA) will help identify suitable investors, including by inviting international-standard tenders, for infrastructure projects listed in Myanmar’s Project Bank, an online database of priority projects aligned with the country’s sustainable development plan. According to the Singapore Embassy, under the agreement, […]

Kachin State Inks Border Business Park Deal With China-Myanmar Joint Venture

YANGON—The Kachin State government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a Chinese-backed company to develop a business park project in Kanpiketi, a border town in northern Myanmar, as part of Beijing’s ambitious grand infrastructure plan, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). On Wednesday, the MOU was signed by the state government and Myanmar […]

Coronavirus Slows China’s Belt and Road Push

When President Xi Jinping made his first state visit to Myanmar this year and signed new infrastructure contracts, there was no indication of the obstacle about to trip up China’s plan for railways, ports and highways around the world: the coronavirus. Travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease, which has now killed more […]

How have Chinese companies helped ease Myanmar’s power shortage?

In any middle-to-high end hotel around the world, round-the-clock electricity is a must. But that’s not the case in Myanmar, where power blackouts are common. The Southeast Asian country has long faced a chronic power shortage. The country recently realized its goal of providing electricity to half of its population by the end of 2019, […]

Kyaukpyu port to become model project in China-Myanmar BRI cooperation

Along the Bay of Bengal on the west tip of Myanmar, the town of Kyaukpyu in Rakhine State sits tranquilly on a 25-meter deep harbor. This deep-sea port, surrounded by superb natural conditions, could be developed into another demonstration project under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), mutually benefiting both Myanmar and […]

Chinese President’s Upcoming Visit Seen as Bid to Gain Myanmar Leaders’ Commitment on BRI Projects

YANGON—Chinese President Xi Jinping is reportedly planning to visit Myanmar late next week, in a trip many believe is aimed at sending a signal regarding the country’s importance to China’s strategic ambitions in the Indian Ocean, while shoring up support for Xi’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) among leaders in Myanmar, which is slated […]