Building a better Condominium Law

Lack of clarity on foreign ownership, land use and building management committees in the Condominium Law are holding back growth in the property market.   By DUNCAN BURRY When the Condominium Law was enacted in early 2016, many hoped it would provide a framework that could spur development in the sector, not least by permitting […]

By-laws for securities and exchange to be announced next week

By-laws for securities and exchange will be announced in upcoming weeks, according to Deputy Finance Minister Dr Maung Maung Thein. “The ministers have already approved the by-laws. They just need the approval of the parliament. If the parliament does not change anything, the rules and regulation for the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) will be complete,” […]

By-laws necessary to launch Yangon Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) will be formed this year if the government manages to enact security exchange by-laws in time, according to Daiwa Securities Ltd. The Japanese firm is assisting the Myanmar government to launch its first ever stock market by 2015. Parliament passed the Security Exchange Law in July 2013 but various by-laws […]