Tender for SIM / USIM card by Ministry of Communication and Information

Subscribe to our Tender Alert. We send out email alert on Tender and EOI as it happens. Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, MPT needs to buy SIM/USIM in Kyats. GSM SIM Card – 2. 5 mil unit WCDMA USIM Card – 5 mil unit Tender Form is available at 1000 Kyats. End Date and […]

Myanmar telecom tender – what factors will determine the winner?

Based on the list of 12 pre-qualified firms or consortia all of them have a strong telecom operator that meets the stringent criteria of the pre-qualifcation. The pre-qualification criteria were designed in such a way that only firm or consortium with strong telecom operator experience will be shortlisted. The criteria are: The Operator was commercially […]