Jailed American’s Family Pleads to US, Myanmar Govts in Hemp Case

The family of US citizen John Frederic Todoroki, who was accused of growing marijuana in Mandalay’s Nganzun Township, has appealed to the Myanmar government for help, pleading that Todoroki only tried to help Myanmar farmers growing industrial hemp and did not commit any drug-related crimes. The family sent the letters to Myanmar State Counselor Daw […]

Yangon continues crackdown on street gangs, alcohol abusers in public places

Police will continue arresting gangs of alcohol abusers in public places including the bank of Inya Lake, pavements and overpasses in Yangon city, according to Yangon Region Police Force. YRPF is trying to ensure security, rule of law and community peace and tranquility and reduce crime in the city. As part of the effort, combine […]

Ordinary folk feel the pinch from tumbling kyat

The downward spiral of the kyat against the US dollar has taken its toll on the prices that people have to pay for everyday items like rice, fish, meat, and vegetables. Housewives complain that even the prices of salt, fish paste and other condiments that are staples for ordinary folk have increased. The prices of […]