Finance Education in Myanmar: Demand Grows as Capital Market Develops

A student takes notes during a Bloomberg Terminal course at the Myanmar Institute of Business, August 2016/ Courtesy of the Myanmar Institute of Business) Traditionally, the small number of domestic investors in Myanmar have constructed investment portfolios primarily centered around cash, real-estate, commodities or currencies via position-trading. That’s beginning to change as Myanmar’s first stock […]

Central Bank of Myanmar prepares action plan to stop dollar payments

While the kyat predominates in most domestic transactions, foreign currencies are still widely used. Many tourism businesses targeting foreigners deal in foreign currency, while importers and exporters make extensive use of dollars, and international companies often prefer their own currencies. Letter 904/2015 from the Central Bank of Myanmar’s Foreign Exchange department posted to its website […]

Central Bank allows exchange counters to exchange kyat for two more foreign currencies

The Central Bank of Myanmar issued an announcement dated May 27 that it has allowed domestic currency exchange centres to exchange kyat for two more foreign currencies – Malaysian Ringgit and Thai Baht. The announcement says that domestic currency exchange centres can now exchange Myanmar currency not only with US dollars, Singapore dollars, and Euros, […]