Deforestation in Myanmar threatens biodiversity and communities

As Myanmar opens for business, a new report has found forest conversion for commercial agriculture is spreading at an alarming rate with devastating results for the country’s ethnic minorities and biodiversity. Forest conversion for commercial agriculture is accelerating at an “unprecedented rate” in Myanmar, putting the country’s biodiversity at risk and increasing the likelihood of […]

Withering forest areas

A million acres of forest have been wiped out to make way for the construction of 300 dams in Myanmar, according to Tin Aye, a retired director of the Forest Department in the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry. He also noted that over 18 million acres of catchment area near the dams need to […]

Government Limits Timber, Privatises Some Production

The government has limited timber production to 1.16 million tonnes per year, state-run Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) announced. According to MTE statistics, fiscal year 2013-14 saw 925,050 tonnes of timber produced, and this fiscal year’s production saw 730,000 tonnes extracted in the first nine months. Beginning this fiscal year, the government forbade the export of […]

Myanmar teak, hard wood export in FY 2013-14 breaks record

Myanmar teak, hard wood export in FY 2013-14 breaks record YANGON, Oct. 6 (Xinhua) — Myanmar exported over 1.5 million tons of teak and hard wood in fiscal year 2013-14, breaking the record of 1.1 million tons of teak and hard wood export in fiscal year 2007-08 which was the highest export value in the […]

Myanmar sees dramatic rise in timber smuggling, official says

Yangon – Myanmar seized more than 15,000 tonnes of illegally harvested timber in the first two months of this fiscal year, a tenfold increase over the same period last year, a government official said Thursday. The figures were revealed less than a month after the country announced plans to reduce its output of processed teak […]