Myanmar gold prices surge as COVID-19 spreads

Gold prices in Myanmar have reached new highs in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Domestic gold prices track global prices, which have surged of late as investors abandon riskier investments in favour of the safe haven asset. Gold prices in Myanmar are currently trading at a high of around K1.25 million per tical. U […]

Japanese demand for local gold trinkets on the rise

The Japanese penchant for certain gold and jewellery motifs with cultural significance have seen some US$33,000 worth of such items exported to Japan in the month of August to-date. According to the Yangon Region Gold Entrepreneurs Association chair U Myo Myint, the jewellery pieces, 46 in total, included gemstones embedded in gold. “This is the […]

Myanmar gold price soars in August

Domestic gold prices have risen by up to K50,000 over the past three weeks. Buyers clocked that the price of gold in Myanmar was lower than in the international market, due to currency volatility, and rushed to take advantage of the opportunity, said traders. The kyat has depreciated by 24 percent this year versus the […]