Myanmar: Transparency should be the key to boost the teak market

The authorities in Myanmar were reminded by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) that if they don’t clarify the flow of logs which go from the forests to the mills, the legality of the wood for export will always be doubted by the teak importers. Myanmar has been striving to ensure forest conservation and the production […]

Illegal timber trade from Myanmar grows

THE London-based Environmental Investigation Agency says it is calling on both governments to stop the trade worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year that is reducing Myanmar’s forests and supplies China’s wood-processing industry, which makes furniture for domestic and international markets. The non-governmental organisation said Chinese businesses acquire the rights to illegally log mountains, […]

Timber smuggling on the rise in Kachin, Sagaing

From the beginning of 2014-2015 FY till January, more than 41,271 tonnes of timber and over 12,000 wood logs were seized from Chinese smugglers in Kachin State, according to the Forestry Department. It is also reported that huge amount of timber smuggling occurs in Kachin State and Sagaing Region. According to the Forestry Department, nearly […]

Myanmar calls to end illegal timber trade with China

YANGON – Myanmar officials have demanded that the Chinese government stop importing thousands of tonnes of illegal timber into China. The move came after a China-Myanmar trade cooperation meeting during the 13th China-Myanmar Border Expo held in China from December 6 to 8. “There are about twenty thousands of logs in the southern part of […]