National Wage Panel Approves K4800 Minimum Wage

The National Committee for Minimum Wage on Tuesday decided to set the basic daily salary of workers at K4800 or K600 per hour. According to the announcement, any suggestions or objections to the stipulated rate can be forwarded to relevant state and regional committees dealing with the issue. The national committee will set the final figure […]

Jade Curse Tests Post-Sanctions Myanmar

Its embrace can bring wealth beyond measure, or instant death. It is a magnet for the most impoverished migrant workers and the most ruthless exploiters. Its haunts are a cauldron of armed conflict beyond the law of the land. In what could be one of its most challenging tests, how will Myanmar’s democratic government deal […]

Info-Zone Farming Network pushes for contract farming

An Info-Zone Farming Network will introduce contract farming, contractual agreements with foreign countries for the export of crops into Myanmar in a bid to develop the farming sector. Contract farming is a system where companies provide farmers technology and seeds to grow crops and once they are harvested, the company sells the crops. In a […]