Scramble for electricity will increase Myanmar’s reliance on imported coal

Myanmar has long struggled to provide electric power to its citizens, but a push to electrify the country in the next 15 years under the National Electrification Program has led to the drafting of a plan that pushes the boundaries of realism. Under the program, the Ministry of Electric Power (MEP) plans to raise the […]

Why all the electricity blackouts?

Why are electricity blackouts occurring so often in these days in Yangon? Many people are asking this question, particularly as some in the city lost power again for as much as six hours on the night of May 8. Government officials have pledged a 24-hour electricity supply to Myanmar’s main commercial city, but a glance […]

Upgrades planned for Yangon power grid

Poor electricity supply invariably appears prominently in discussions about the challenges facing Myanmar’s economy. Accordingly, international organisations and in some cases foreign investors have pledged large amounts of money and expertise to tackle the problem. However, the discussion is normally framed in the context of expanding power generation capacity rather than the urgent need to […]