South Korea’s Dongbu Insurance opens Yangon office

South Korean-based Dongbu Insurance has become the 16th international insurance firm to open a branch office in Yangon. International insurance companies are currently not allowed to operate in Myanmar. However, the Myanmar Insurance Business Supervision Committee was established last year with a view to eventually issuing licences to allow foreign companies to operate in special […]

Garment industry disputes mean fewer orders and worried factory owners

Labour disputes in the garment industry, a main driver of Myanmar’s growing exports, have had a serious impact on orders from abroad and risk scaring away foreign investors, according to South Korean officials and sector representatives. Disputes over workers’ demand for higher wages affected output at two South Korean factories and three Chinese-owned enterprises in […]

South Korea urged government to end labour protests

When Yangon labourers from five foreign-owned factories reeled out the picket lines and demanded a meagre pay boost at the end of January, their calls were initially dismissed. Two weeks later, however, the government shifted into overdrive to quell the demonstrations at the behest of the South Korean embassy, The Myanmar Times has learned. After […]