Myanmar mobile phone retailers salivating as SIM card price is cut by 99%

SIM card costing Kyat 1,500 (USD 1.75) will go on sale on 24 April 2013. Previous price of SIM Card was Kyat 200,000 (USD 230). That is a 99% drop in price! President Thein Sein has vowed to increase mobile penetration in a country of 60 million people from less than 6% to 80% in […]

Low cost SIM cards expected to drive up mobile penetration

Since the announcement by President Thein Sein in March about the new low price SIM card – the Myanmar people has been waiting in anticipation for its arrival. The new SIM card will supposedly be priced between K20,000 to K30,000 and can be top up. Currently GSM SIM cards that can be top up are […]