Fuel Storage Terminal with US$92m FDI to Start Operation at Thilawa Port

The first and largest fuel storage terminal in Myanmar, which has involved US$92 million of investment, opened during the first week of May, said officials from Puma Energy Asia Sun (PEAS). The storage terminal will begin operation at Thilawa port in Yangon, and is a joint-venture between Puma Energy and Asia Sun Energy. Puma Energy, […]

Growing Economy Brings Rise in Fuel Oil Shipping from Singapore

​​ SINGAPORE — Burma’s oil imports are surging to fuel a fast-growing economy and rebuild rotting infrastructure, creating a small but profitable route for ships making a beeline for the emerging Southeast Asian nation from the regional hub of Singapore. Servicing growth that could top 8 percent this year is a clutch of small tankers […]

HK carrier working to resolve ‘issues’ at Mandalay airport

Budget airline HK Express will review restarting flights to Mandalay after resolving issues that local aviation officials said concerned fuel quality. But the firm that supplies the country’s airports said there are no doubts about the standard of fuel it provides. The Hong Kong carrier began flights to Yangon and Mandalay in the first week […]

Tender for High Speed Diesel. Closing Date 26 Sep 2016

Subscribe to our Tender Alert. We send out email alert on Tender and EOI as it happens. 1. Open Tender is invited for the Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise, Ministry of Electricity and Energy for the supply of High Speed Diesel (423,000 ± 10% Barrels) 2. Tender Closing Date & Time 26-9-2016, 12:00 Hrs 3. Tender […]

Hong Kong carrier suspends Mandalay flights due to concerns over fuel quality

Hong Kong budget airline HK Express started flights to Mandalaythis week, but will suspend operations to the new destination in October because of issues with fuel quality at Mandalay airport, Department of Civil Aviation officials told The Myanmar Times. The firm began flights from Yangon to Hong Kong on September 1, and started a two-month run of […]

MPPE joins with Puma Energy to distribute jet fuel

The Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise (MPPE) under the Ministry of Electric Power and Energy is planning to cooperate with National Energy Puma Aviation Services to distribute jet fuel at 11 airports, said MPPE director general Thant Zin. The ministry signed a joint-venture agreement with Puma Energy in October 2015 to form National Energy Puma Aviation […]

Ministry of Electric Power and Energy to open petrol stations

The Ministry of Electric Power and Energy is planning to cooperate with a foreign company to sell and distribute petrol and diesel fuel to government ministries and will open petrol filling stations to compete with the private sector, said Thant Zin, director general of the Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise. The joint-venture process will be finalised […]

Myanmar’s oil import infrastructure building picks up pace as demand rises

Myanmar is looking to build a slew of new oil storage terminals and jetties near its former capital Yangon as its small and ageing refineries cannot keep up with rapidly rising demand for refined products. The lifting of several international sanctions in 2012 has led to a sharp rise in cars being imported and sold […]

Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise invites open tender for selling; Closing Date: Oct 20, 2015

Ministry of Energy Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise 1. Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise invites open tender to sell for the following items. No Tender No Items Location 1 3/2015 Old engine oil, grease, lubricant – 200 Ministry of Main distribution of Petroleum – (Level –Ka), Da Ne Taw, Yangon 2 4/2015 PonTon old (80′ x 18′ […]

Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise invites open tender for the supply of JET A1 for 7/2015; Opening Date: Sept 24, 2015

INVITATION FOR OPEN TENDER (7/2015) [TENDER NO. MPPE/ JET A1/T/2(2015-2016)] 1. Open Tender is invited for the myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise, the Ministry of Energy for the supply of JET A1 (282,000 bbl + 10%) 2. Tender Closing Date & Time – 24-9-2015, 12:00 Hr 3. Tender Opening Date & Time – 24-9-2015, 13:00 Hr […]