Lack of foreign investors could dampen Myanmar property market, but local demand intact

Foreign investments in the Myanmar real estate sector are expected to decline in 2021 as a result of COVID-19, but some developers reckon there are opportunities to tap demand from local buyers. “It has been difficult for foreign investors to return to Myanmar in 2020 so there is a possibility that investments in the property […]

Property prospects positive for 2018, real estate agents say

Real estate agents believe prospects are looking good for the Myanmar property market in 2018. “Prospects in the real estate market will be brighter this year after the government released the rules to the Condominium Law at the end of last year,” said U Thet Naing Oo, managing director of real estate legal services firm […]

Domestic real estate market likely to be active within second half of year

New construction projects are expected to cool Myanmar’s property market, according to an expert from, also saying that current house prices could drop more, depending on government policies for development of low-and-middle-income families. “Currently, both buyers and sellers are monitoring the cooling market,” he added. “Land price is expected to drop off in the […]