Rubber market back to normal in northern Shan State from the rise of Chinese Yuan

The rubber market has been brought back to normal in Northern Shan State, resulting from a rise in the price of the Chinese Yuan, it is learnt. The price of rubber remained unchanged in 2015 and 2016 at 9,000 Chinese Yuan (CHY). The merchants stored the rubber in September watching the CHY exchange rate. The […]

Fruit farmers consider forming public companies

Frustrated with complex procedures, taxes and advantages held by Chinese traders in the border town of Muse, fruit farmers in upper Myanmar have floated the idea of forming companies in the hope of finding strength in numbers. In May, the government tried to help farmers and small-scale importers and exporters in Northern Shan State, Mandalay […]

Chinese motorbikes sell well in Lashio, northern Shan State

Chinese-made JJ-XY motorbikes with power exhaust installed are selling well in Lashio, northern Shan State. Motorbike prices range between K285,000 and K620,000 per motorbike, depending on the brand. The JJ-XY-125 model is selling best at the moment. Its LED headlight attracts young people in the city. “Market prices do not drop too low, though Chinese […]

Ministry to Operate Charter Train for Tourists on Goteik Bridge

The Ministry of Railway will start operating a charter train specifically aimed at foreign tourists who want to pass over the famous Goteik Bridge in Northern Shan state. The tourist route will be only 6 miles (10 kilometers) long, running from Naung Cho station (also spelled Nawng Hkio) to Naung Pain Station, and the train […]

Myanmar builds new border gate in Muse

Muse – Myanmar is constructing a new border gate in Muse in northern Shan State. Construction is about 50 per cent complete, sources say. The new border gate is located in Special Economic Zone 1 in Muse, between Ho Saung village in Myanmar and Kyal Khaung in China. “The construction is about 50 per cent […]