Duterte: Myanmar should use the many opportunities for education and training that Philippines offer

In his address Duterte, stressed the importance of inclusive economic growth in the region. “In trade and investment, we must sustain our growth rates so that everyone, I mean everyone in our societies enjoy the blessings of prosperity.” Duterte pointed out that previous areas of cooperation have been rather fruitful for both sides in the […]

Local, foreign firms to upgrade Yangon pharmaceutical factory

YANGON – To boost medicine production, Myanmar’s Ministry of Industry plans to upgrade Pharmaceutical Factory No 1 in Yangon in cooperation with local and overseas companies. At present, entrepreneurs in Myanmar and abroad can bid for contracts to build the facility and install equipment. Interested companies must send an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the […]

Myanmar Firms Feel Pinch From Abroad

YANGON, Myanmar—The world’s biggest consumer companies are flocking to Myanmar, filling the once-pariah nation and its backward economy with goods previously unavailable to its 60 million people. But not everyone is happy. Some of the country’s biggest conglomerates—plugging away at the cash-strapped market for decades and fighting hard to grow despite crippling Western sanctions—are now […]

Foreigners can invest in Pharmaceutical in Myanmar

Myanmar Investment Commission on 27th February has approved  4 foreign joint investment for manufacturing household medicines, drugs, pharmaceutical equipments and traditional medicines on February 27. Many businesses which are beneficial to the public like medicines, fishing, cosmetics and garments have been permitted during this time meeting although MIC had allowed cigarettes, beer and alcoholic beverages […]