Myanmar’s ‘Valley of the Rubies’ emerges from shadows

MOGOK, Myanmar — When the world hears about Mogok, it usually concerns some hefty ruby unearthed in the region and auctioned for millions of dollars — the kind of discovery that has dominated news about the remote gem-mining town for decades. But with gnawing anxieties over dwindling gem deposits, locals are turning to a promising […]

Mandalay’s SP Bakery expand to Yangon

Mandalay-based SP Bakery has opened its first shop in Yangon in a bid to grab a share of the bakery market of the commercial hub of the country. SP (San Pya) Bakery has six self-operated retail outlets in Myanmar’s second largest city, Mandalay. “We opened the Yangon branch to penetrate the food industry of Yangon […]