Can Myanmar’s economy fulfil its potential?

<ahref=”https://youtu.be/pCvYiQYDHcE” target=”_blank”> With gross domestic product (GDP) growth consistently above 5 percent throughout this decade, and in double digits for much of the previous decade, Myanmar has been one of South East Asia’s fastest-growing economies for quite some time. What’s more, this newly liberalised nation is being touted to likely continue growing expeditiously well into […]

Industry signs agreement on helping to boost automotive sector

The European Chamber of Commerce Myanmar (EuroCham) and local industry organisation Automotive Association Myanmar (AAM) have signed an agreement to cooperate on efforts to advocate for a stronger automotive industry in Myanmar. The agreement signed by EuroCham’s Automotive Advocacy Group and AAM last week is expected to work on suggestions for the government to help […]

Property prices skyrocket due to speculation and laundering

The most widely heard analysis is that Myanmar’s real estate and property market has been gradually rising based on two genuine factors. One is the growing demand for housing due to ever increasing population in urban areas and the other is the government’s urban expansion and development of low-cost housing projects. This generally ignores another […]