Myanma Timber Enterprise invites open tender for Teak Conversion, Teak Logs & Hardwood Logs; Open tender Date: Sept 25, 2015

Myanma Timber Enterprise will sell Teak Conversion, Teak Logs and Hardwood Logs by competitive bidding. Particulars of theSpecial Open Tender Sales are as follows: Special Open Tender No: –   12 / 2015-2016 –   SOT-06/2015-2016(Ex-Site) –   OTC-06/2015-16 –   SOTC-05/2015-16(F-8)(Ex-Site) Date and Time 25-9-2015 (12:00 noon) Commodity Padauk, Sagawa,, Kanyin Logs,  Teak Log, Teak Conservion Sales Basis: […]

Myanma Timber Enterprise calls for selling Teak & Hardwood round logs, closing date: 30th June, 2014

Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry Myanma Timber Enterprise Export Marketing & Milling Department Invitation for Open Tender 1. Myanma Timber Enterprise will sell Teak & Hardwood round logs and sawn timbers by open tenders in US dollars. Particulars of the open tender sales are as follows: (a) Date & Time – (27-6-2014) / (30-6-2014)-(13:00) […]

Myanmar reduces teak production to preserve forests

YANGON – Myanmar will cut its output of processed teak by around a third this fiscal year, a senior official said Friday, to preserve its dwindling forests.  “We have decided to reduce the rate of teak production year by year,” Aye Myint Maung, deputy minister of environmental conservation and forestry, told Parliament. A maximum of […]