Myanmar Timber Enterprise: Tender for Teak & Hardwood. Auction Date 28 & 31 July 2017

1. Myanma timber enterprise will sell teak & hardwood round logs and Sawn timbers by open tenders in us dollars. Particulars of the open tender Sales are as follows: (a) DATE & TIME (28-7-2017) (12;00)Noon (31-7-2107) (12;00)Noon (b) COMMODITIES & VOLUME – Teaklogs About (1212) Tons – Teak Conversion About (342)Tons Hard Wood Logs – […]

Myanma Timber Enterprise to invite Open Tender for Teak & Hardwood round logs; Closing Date: July 28, 2014

Subscribe to our Tender Alert. We send out email alert on Tender and EOI as it happens. MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION AND FORESTRY MYANMA TIMBER ENTERPRISE EXPORT MARKETING & MILLING DEPARTMENT INVITATION FOR OPEN TENDER 1. Myanma Timber Enterprise will sell teak & hardwood round logs and Sawn Timbers by open tenders in US Dollars. […]