Uber Offers Solution to Yangon Traffic

Uber Myanmar re­cently released a report by Roland Berger that advocates for the use of ridesharing in Yangon, detailing the positive impacts its could have on the city’s chronic traffic. Compiled by interview­ing over 4,700 riders and drivers, the report con­cludes that ride-sharing, or the use of private cars for the public good, es­sentially, the […]

Buses, buses everywhere — is it too many?

“YBS system has been introduced. Traffic Control system has also been introduced. The question then arises! Can these actions ease traffic jams in Yangon? No. Especially in a country which tries to be developed. The problem of traffic jam has to be tackled through good management. It may be crowded on bus during the rush […]

Regional government to install 796 CCTV cameras around Yangon

The Yangon Region government plans to install 796 CCTV cameras, including 154 modernised traffic lights, said Police Lt-Col Aung Ko Oo from the No 2 Traffic Police Force. Myanmar Shwe Yin Company will cooperate with the CRCC company from China to install four cameras at each traffic light. A total of 606 cameras will be […]