Illegal car importers clogging the streets

While some importers follow the rules and set up their own lots, others simply park their wares in empty spots on the street or other public areas until they are able to make a deal. Legal car importers say their informal brethren are unfairly avoiding the rules, and can avoid paying taxes and licensing fees […]

Importers complain of car parts gone missing at Yangon ports

Importers are calling on customs officials to strictly supervise vehicles as they are brought into the country, ending the spare parts slippage. “I imported a car and the spare electronic keys disappeared,” said Mandalay car dealer Ko Ayay Kyo. The keys are expensive, costing K50,000 to replace. He said his experience is not unique, adding […]

Tyred out: importers say tax policy favours used cars

Almost all of the cars imported to Myanmar last year were second-hand, due to a high tax on brand-new vehicles. The government should reconsider its policy relating to the import of new cars, say businesspeople. “As far as I know, most Myanmar citizens import used cars. According to the records from last year, brand new […]