Lacking Training, Mon State Investment Committee has no Real Power

The recently formed Mon State Investment Committee has been unable to begin work on soliciting and regulating investment because of a lack of direction from the Union investment body that formed it. Members of the Committee, which was formed on July 7, say they are waiting for the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) to train them […]

Rubber fuel plant scheme underway in Mon State

The Mon State Government and Toyo-Thai Corporation Public Co., Ltd [TTC Public Co., Ltd] are planning to construct a rubber waste pellet fuel plant within the state, according to Mon State’s Investment and Companies Directorate Department. Representatives of the TTC Public Co., Ltd met with Mon State’s Investment and Companies Directorate Department officials on Friday […]

Removing Barriers to Doing Business Will Help Create a Strong Private Sector in Myanmar

NAY PYI TAW, Myanmar, March 24, 2015—Access to finance is the top constraint for private enterprises as Myanmar’s economy undergoes market-oriented reforms after emerging from decades of isolation, and addressing this and other challenges will help create a strong private sector to drive the country’s future growth and create much-needed jobs, the World Bank Group’s […]