Taxis Push for Higher Fares on Fuel Price Rise

Taxi drivers are complaining that higher fuel prices are eating to profits because the public refuses to accept higher fares. The price of 1 litre of fuel has risen by roughly K100 in the last month, according to U Soe Min Myo, a taxi driver living in North Dagon. Fuel prices vary depending on the brand – […]

Taxi meter services gaining momentum among passengers looking for safer ride

After several failed attempts by the government over the years to formalise Yangon’s hectic taxi system, local firm Hello Cabs, which introduced a metered service and driver training nearly two years ago, says that business is catching on, with commuters today demanding higher standards from the city’s cabbies. Dagon Logistics launched the Hello Cabs service in December […]

Expat choices lead to high costs, businesspeople say

Yangon has higher living costs for expats than Paris and Sydney, according to Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey 2015. But this is largely due to a major discrepancy between the living choices made by expats and locals, according to local businesspeople. For expatriate living, Yangon is the 28th-most expensive city out of 207 cities surveyed […]