Maker of Special Reserve Whisky to launch new products

Sanjay Gupta, CEO of Myanmar Distillery Co Ltd (MDC), which bottles Grand Royal whisky, one of Myanmar’s most iconic brands, is seeing a shift in alcohol consumption trends in the country. “Health is becoming more important to people. People prefer staying in control and drinking in moderation. Inclusive family values are rising in importance and […]

Confusion emerges after foreign liquor ban

At a liquor store in downtown Yangon, bottles of whisky and wine are on display. Upon closer inspection, one soon notices that wines from Argentina to New Zealand are for sale, but only whiskies made locally are available. “Foreign liquors are not on display because we are not allowed to sell them,” the sales assistant […]

Grand Royal Group goes live with state-of-the-art Production Planning and S&OP software from Futurmaster

The market leader in the whisky market in Myanmar with over 70% market share – Grand Royal Group is not only a well-known brand in Myanmar – it is also a well-run company. Last night we attended the Grand Royal Go-Live Celebration for its Production Planning and S&OP software that were supplied and implemented by […]